"Managing Quality of Adult Education in Europe"

2004 - 2006. EU Leonardo da Vinci Programme, project number LV/04/B/F/PP-172.003.

The project is aimed at developing a European framework for quality management systems for small size adult education provider organisations and enterprises.
Target group(s):
small enterprises and organisations (up to 25 employees) dealing with adult education, including NGOs and social partners' organisations working in the field of adult education both from the non-formal and formal education sector.
The project investigated existing quality management systems for adult education organisations in European countries and developed indicators for small adult education provider organisations as well as developed assessment tools of these indicators. The investigation encompassed both the formal as well as non-formal adult education organisations. The quality system was approbated in small size adult education organisations and was adapted to national needs of the partner organisations. Implementation strategy was developed on national level and information about the elaborated quality system has been integrated in the European Quality System.
Dissemination of the project results has been done on European level with the help of European Association for the Education of Adults as well as national level and local level. Training seminars were organized in each country in order to inform small adult education institutions and organisations on how to use the developed system.
Results and products: The product of the project is a set of indicators and assessment tools for indicators as well as a description on how to conduct the quality assessment of a small adult education organisation. Project afore-mentioned outcomes are available in printed format (Manual). CD and online information is also available. Partner organisations, by using the product developed as a result of the project, will be able to evaluate the quality of their organisation or enterprise working in the adult education field.
Printed materials – Manual and an informative booklet is available in English as well as in all the languages of project partners. CD is available in English. The CD as well as the online information contains an interactive tool for assessment of quality of an adult education institution or enterprise and anyone who uses it will be able to assess the quality.

Project Coordinator:
Latvian Adult Education Association (LAEA)
Address: Merkela iela 11, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
e-mail: laea@laea.lv

Project Partners:
Akademia Vzdelavania
Address: Gorkeho 10, 815 17 Bratislava, Slovakia
E-mail: hideghetyova@aveducation.sk

Arbeit und Leben DGB/VHS Hamburg e. V.
Address: Besenbinderhof 60, 20097 Hamburg , Germany
E-mail: jens.schmidt@hamburg.arbeitundleben.de

CREA, University of Barcelona
Address: Parc Cientific de Barcelona , Baldiri Reixac, 4-6 4A5, 08028 Barcelona , Spain
E-mail: crea@ub.edu

Deutsches Institut für Erwachsenenbildung e. V.
Address: Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 38, 53113 Bonn, Germany
E-mail: bosche@die-bonn.de

European Association for Education of Adults (EAEA)
Address: Rue de la Concorde 60, B-1050 Brussels , Belgium
E-mail: eaea-main@eaea.org

IFAD Montpellier
Address: 18, Avenue de Maurin, 34000 Montpellier, France
E-mail: poujol_m@hotmail.com

VUC Nordjylland
Address: Vesterbro 14, st.th., DK 9000 Aalborg, Denmark
e-mail: pam@vucnordjylland.dk

More information about the project: http://www.managingquality.lv