„EUROMOBI - Mobility of Young Employees in Europe”

2006 - 2008. The project will be implemented by Latvian Adult Education Association and the partner in Germany - Arbeit und Leben DGB/VHS Hamburg.

The aim of the project is to promote the implementation of lifelong learning principles and to advance the development of basic skills of young employees.
Project tasks are:
  • to improve the target group’s IT, foreign languages and communication basic skills;
  • to promote the acquiring of project participants’ professional experience and the improvement of their professional knowledge and skills;
  • to promote the participants’ experience in the labour market, thus raising their competitive capacity in the Latvian and European labour market.
The target group of the project are young employees, aged between 18 and 35, who have obtained professional education in the last 2 years, have raised their qualification and/or obtained a new qualification, have changed their work area and/or specificity, have finished professional continuing education training courses. Professional fields: arts and crafts, metal working, IT, social work, tourism and services. 
 The project envisages that young employees will go to practice to Hamburg (Germany) for 3 months where they will have language and culture courses as well as practice.
By participating in this project, the young employees will achieve experience about the labour market and about the necessary knowledge and skills required in the labour market, as well as practical experience in their professional field, which will raise their competitive capacity in the labour market.