International seminar “Improving Educator`s Resilience to Stress” in Riga

In the frame of Grundtvig project “Improving Educator`s Resilience to Stress” LAEA is organising 5 day international seminar from 17. – 21.september 2012. Seminar will be lead by educator’s and psychologist’s of the European Union states. Seminar participants will receive free material’s and DVD, which contain project material’s and different activities for improving resiliance to stress. More information on Grundtvig data base or e-mail to

Seminar issues:

Types of work related stress and  its reduction;

Principles of pshychosocial risk management;

Designing the „Ideal” workplace;

Key skills in dealing with work – related stress;

Challenging negative thoughts and developing positive self- talk;

The employee role in dealing with work- related stress;

Developing a positive psychosocial work environment.